Olive Wood Factory and Church Supplier
Olive Wood Factory
Olive Wood Factory
  1. We'll be glad to work both with companies and private persons..
  2. We don't sell at retail at this website. If you want to buy a little quantity you can do this at our retail site: http://www.ebay.com/usr/olive-wood-factory
  3. Before the cooperation we ask our customers to fill in the information list for more detailed information.
  4. After receiving the order we ask our customers to leave feedback at our website, because your opinion is very important for us.
  5. We ask our customers to sign the agreement in order to avoid misunderstanding.
  6. Payment or prepayment for the order is consent to the terms of the order.
  7. The delivery time is individual for each order what belongs on the order quantity, holidays and other possible reasons.
  8. All the prices at our website don't include shipping expenses and taxes.
  9. If the customer is Israeli company or citizen he need to add 17% VAT to the price of the order.
  10. The customer can choose any method of shipping that we propose at our web site.
  11. In case the customer wants to cancel the order after we started producing it, we don't return prepayment. The exception is the items that we have in the stock.
  12. If we return the payment for the order all the expenses for the money transfer are at the buyer.
  13. The color and the size of the products can be different.
  14. Before the shipping the buyer can ask for the pictures of the products that he ordered in order to check the quality of the products.
  15. We are not responsible for delays which are connected with the shipping service, customs, strikes or any disasters.
  16. We are not responsible for the safety of the order after we shipped out it. Each buyer can insure his order.
  17. We are not responsible for the export restrictions of the buyer's country.
  18. All the taxes including customs taxes are on the buyers expenses.
  19. We don't change the terms of the order after starting it's producing the exception is the order quantity, the buyer can increase it. In such a case the delivery time is also increased.
  20. The customer can notify us about the defects of the products during 7 days after receiving the order.
  21. If we receive the claim about the order from the buyer, we can ask him to do the pictures of the items that have defects.
  22. If we fix any defects at the products we commit to change the defected items.
  23. The buyer can get the samples before the order, the cost of the samples and shipping are at the buyer expenses.
  24. We do shipping by: UPS, DHL, EMS and air cargo.
  25. We do shipping from Israel to worldwide. Excludes: Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Unired Arab Emirates, Yemen.
  26. If the customer does the big order we also can develop and produce the packing, labels and stickers. The price for such a work is individual.
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