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Category: Crosses & Crucifixes
Product name: Olive Wood Very Small Crosses 1.78 cm Hand Made Rosary Jewelry Necklace Crosses
Model: OLF663
Height or length: 1.78 cm / 0.701 inch
Width: 1.18 cm / 0.465 inch
Depth or thickness: 0.47 cm / 0.185 inch
Weight: 1 gr / 0.002 lb
Minimum order quantity: 50
Packing information: OEM
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Holy Land Market Collection
Very small olive wood crosses.
Set of 50 crosses. Size: 1.78 cm * 1.18 cm / 0.70 in * 0.46 in
100% Olive Wood. 100% Hand Made. Made in Bethlehem.
Olive wood crosses have different colors and different wooden ornament.
The size can be little bit different, because it is handmade.
All crosses have small hole in the top.
It's possible to use this crosses for rosaries, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or any other use.


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