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Olive Wood Factory
  1. We accept payments by: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Pay Pal.
  2. The fees for all the methods of payment are at the buyer expencies. If you prefer to pay through Pay Pal you'll have to pay 4% from the total amount as PayPal fee.
  3. The Bank Transfer has to be done to the bank account of the company.
  4. The Bank Transfer takes from 3 to 7 business days, we confirm the payment and begin the work only after receiving the transfer.
  5. The Bank Transfer information you'll receive with the confirmation of your order.
  6. The money transfer through Western Union or Money Gram is possible only to the name of the private person, because Western Union or Money Gram accept payments only for privates. The name of the receiver of the payment you'll receive with the confirmation of your order, he'll be one of our workers.
  7. Pay Pal can be used both by the customer who has the Pay Pal account and by the customer who hasn't got such an account, the last one can use his credit card.
  8. The method of payment we'll confirm with the customer during the discussion of the order details.
  9. If the payment has to be done through Pay Pal we'll send the buyer Pay Pal request through e-mail.
  10. Please, send us the confirmation of your payment by e-mail or fax.
  11. In case we have the items, which you ordered, in the stock you'll have to do 100% prepayment.
  12. If the items, which you ordered have to be produced and it'll take time, you have to do prepayment - 50% of total amount of the order, the rest of the sum you'll pay before the shipping of the order.
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