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    Our Olive Wood Factory - it's history!
    Carpenter is the ancient Biblical profession. Yosef - Mary's husband was the carpenter, in Bible we can find the proovment of this "Isn't this the carpenter's son?" Matthew 13:55 - this people asked about Jesus. Bethlehem is known place all over the world as the birth place of Jesus. The olive wood craft began in Bethlehem in the fourth century, when Helen decided to build The Nativity Church at the place, what is believed to be the birth place of Jesus. Until now Bethlehem is the mother land of the carpenters. Our Olive Wood Factory is situated near Nativity church and Milk Grotto Church - if you're in Bethlehem you're welcome to visit our factory.
    The most of Bethlehem carpenters - craftmen use in their work olive wood, because it has the beautiful color, structure and also the Biblical history. The olive tree is one of the first plants mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and in the Christian Old Testament, and one of the most significant. It was an olive leaf that a dove brought back to Noah to demonstrate that the flood was over (Book of Genesis, 8:11). The olive is listed in Deuteronomy, 8:8 as one of the seven species that are noteworthy products of the Land of Israel. Noah sends out a dove to find and bring back evidence of dry land. The dove returns with an olive leaf in its beak, as proof that the flood had subsided. The olive leaf is said to be God's way of telling mankind that the struggle between them is over.
    The olive tree is connected to our Christian faith as Jesus prayed under an olive tree on his way to Jerusalem to be crucified, and the cross was made from olive wood as well.


    The olive tree has great significance to Israel. The olive branch has been a traditional symbol of peace for thousands of years. Every part of the olive tree is used. The olive itself has special qualities that can be associated with peace and harmony.
• Olives provide oil for lamps, so they provide light.
• The cleansing power of olive oil brings purification.
• The hardiness of the olive tree symbolizes fertility and vital energy.
• Olive trees can live for 3000 years, evoking longevity.
    In addition, the olive branch is featured in the biblical story of Noah and the flood.
    All the olive wood products during all the process are made by hands until nowadays.
    We start with pruning. In mature trees, pruning is mainly required to renew the fruiting surface of the tree and achieve high yields, maintain vegetative growth of fruiting shoots, maintain the skeleton structure, contain tree size, favor light penetration and air circulation inside the canopy, permit control of pests and diseases, prevent aging of the canopy, and eliminate dead wood. Under certain circumstances, pruning can be required to alleviate the effect of abiotic stress, to re-form the canopy after damage by frosts and pests, to rejuvenate old or abandoned trees, and to adapt an obsolete training system to mechanical harvesting. Under most circumstances, olive trees are pruned each year, this allows us to use olive wood, which we get after pruning olive trees. We ensure that no young trees are cut for production, but only those deemed unproductive are chosen for our work. Branch strength, size and color are key factors that determine which trees undergo the transformation process.
    When wood is cut from a living tree, it is saturated with moisture. As this water dries from the wood, the wood will contract in shape unevenly, due to the differing shapes and sizes of the wood's cells. Therefore, to keep your woodworking projects from warping, cracking, or otherwise becoming distorted, you need to dry the wood thoroughly before using it. Learning how to dry wood for woodworking is a simple and inexpensive process, but it does require a long waiting period for especially moist wood.
    Natural Olive Wood wholesales everyday household and decorative olive wood items for the local and foreign market. Each handcrafted olive wood piece possesses unique characteristics, color and style. We have a wide range of olive wood products that is ever-growing to keep up with client's demands. Each olive wood products is hand crafted and perfected by a skilled artisan who transforms a rough tree outline into a finished masterpiece. Once olive wood is sanded and polished, the finished item is coated with olive oil and honeybees wax to give it a natural shine and ensure longevity. The olive wood artists' craft began in Bethlehem in the fourth century, following the construction of The Nativity Church. The Church was built on what is believed to be the traditional birth place of Jesus. At that time, monks taught the local residents how to carve olive wood, and the tradition was passed down until it was refined and perfected.
    The process of producing an olive wood craft requires labor intensity and consists of many stages, often involving the work of multiple artisans. Depending on what the particular product is, the process could take up to 45 days. Most professional artisans go through six to seven years of training. Olive wood is used because it is easier to carve than other woods and could be done accurately with simple hand tools. Also, it has a diverse variety of natural color and tonal depth, due to the annual structure. It is also resistant to decay and receptive to a number of surfacing treatments. We produce the different type of products made of olive wood: religious production, the crockeries for kitchen, products for home and family, different gifts and presents for holidays.


    Our factory is dedicated to provide the highest quality of olive wood at a very competitive price that guarantees customer satisfaction. We gauge olive wood quality in terms of product strength and character. Our search for excellence is a never-ending process overseen by the careful judgment of skilled artisans. We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell and only use natural substances to ensure a natural shine and longevity of the olive wood.
    We're glad to have business with you and to propose you quality products. Your pleasure and opinion are very important for us!
    Holy Land Market it's the trade mark of our company, named Anion Group. Our products save the warmth of the hands of our craftsmen. We have the professional team, who produce and sell olive wood products, and we hope that you'll like to have business with us!


We love what we do and are happy to share our olive branches with you!


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