Olive Wood Factory and Church Supplier
Olive Wood Factory
Olive Wood Factory


Our company is specialized at the developing and producing olive wood production.

Our main office is situated in Jerusalem, Israel and manufacturing - in Bethlehem.

The main foundations of our work are:
- We don't use in our manufacturing the cutting down trees, instead of this we use only olive tree branches after pruning or the wood of old trees that don't grow any more, this help us to save the environment and nature.



At our olive wood factory work experienced craftsmen, they are arab Christians and their mainland is Bethlehem. In such a way we try to help to the families of hristians, who leave there and to contribute to the piece at the Middle East.

Our command pays a great attention to the quality of our products. Our production is produced according to all the worldwide standards of the quality, safety and health.



In work with our customers we are punctual and obliging.
The pleasure of our customers is our main goal.
We don't want to be the factory with the cheapest prices, but we want to be the best in what we do.


We love that we do, and we know how to do this in the best way!

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